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What we know


This quarry is not necessary. There are five quarries within a 50km radius, none of which are operating at capacity and have an estimated 70 years worth of materials even with forecast infrastructure projects.


This proposed location for the quarry is within 2km's of homes, and within 4km's of schools. Why should our families and children be exposed to increased levels of dust, noise and vibrations?


Per the proposal documentation, there will be an additional 100 trucks on the community roads between 6am and 6pm.


There are 3 critically endangered species, and 5 vulnerable and declining species identified on the proposed site. Some of these species were displaced during the Jan 2020 Namadji National Park fire.


One of the companies behind the proposal, stood in front of our community and told in no uncertain terms that the reason for the quarry was purely to improve their bottom line. They're putting profits before community and environmental health and wellbeing. 

There are no good reasons for this quarry. It's in the wrong spot and it's not needed.


Impact on environment, flora & fauna

There are 3 critically endangered species, and 5 vulnerable and declining species identified including significant remnants of Box-Gum Grassy Woodland. There is less than 10% of this vegetation left anywhere in the world.

It is a major health risk

Quarrying results in dust, noise, vibrations, air pollution and associated heavy vehicle traffic and emissions. Quarries don't belong so close to rural townships, and they certainly don't belong so close to our children's schools.



proposing this quarry?

This quarry proposal is a joint venture (JV) between an ACT based and a NSW based company.



Write to the Ministers to express your opposition (TEMPLATE PROVIDED)

Environmental Impacts

The environmental impacts of this quarry may be irreversible. 



Learn about the health ramifications of quarries.

Donate to 

the cause

We need your financial assistance to stop this quarry

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