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Who's proposing the quarry?

Monaro Mix Pty Ltd (Monaro Rock) -a Queanbeyan based company, and Pacific Formwork Pty Limited - an ACT based company, have developed a joint venture (JV) to propose this quarry.

During their community consultation meetings, Monaro Mix representatives stood in front of our community and told us in no uncertain terms, they want to build this quarry in order to improve their own profit sheets. They stated they had received advice from their current material providers (the other quarries in the region), that the pricing for materials would be increasing.

In response, it appears that Monaro Mix has a complete disregard for disturbing critically endangered species and their habitat, as well as the surrounding community, in order to build a quarry that provides little contribution to the State, let alone the region.

The community consultation has been significantly lacking, in that only a small portion of the suburb they intend to build the quarry was notified. And it appears the consultation did not extend a few kilometers north to the southern ACT suburbs that will likely also be impacted.

We'll be working hard as a community and as a group to build awareness in our region, and help residents understand that this quarry is NOT AT ALL NECESSARY and provides EXTREMELY MINIMAL benefits or returns for the region.

On the 3rd May 2021, we were issued with further advice from a third party managing the quarries environmental assessments, on how we can provide our feedback.

Please read the below, download the form and submit some feedback.

Click image to download.

letter from environ consult.PNG

Click image to download.

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