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Community Consultation Feedback From

Please complete and submit to:



As part of the Application process, Community Consultation is required

It's very important we use every opportunity given to provide our feedback, and this formal process is one of them.

If you have any questions about what to include in your submission, feel free to contact us.

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Willy Weather

Weather information based on data supplied by the Bureau of Meteorology.

wind rose snip.png

This link provides an indication on wind patterns in the area. 

The regular and strong wind forces are a significant concern to the community as they'll contribute to the spread of silica dust particles for kilometers; over our homes, in our water sources.

Impacts of Gravel Pit / Quarry Operations on Adjacent Land / Properties

“The EPA describes inhalable dust as that size fraction of dust which enters the body, but is trapped in the nose, throat, and upper respiratory tract.”

Respirable dust particles in the order of 5 and 10 microns can travel long distances and cause serious health conditions.

The rock to be blasted in to should this quarry proceed, has the highest silica content of any rock*. 

This link provides clarity on exactly how far silica dust particles can travel based on wind speed. 

*confirmed via consultation with two qualified geologists

Canberra Region - Metallogenic Map

Geoscience Australia provides a material deposits map of the area. 

This map shows the material deposit the companies are seeking. 

If this quarry gets approved, and later approved for expansion, it WILL move south; closer to homes. 

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