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That Dam Sponsor

The quarry committee has made progress with our response strategy and we're building a list of supporters in Council and Government, but it’s time to start some fundraising activities to build general community awareness… and boy do we have some ideas!

Given the recent COVID outbreak, we are choosing a unique direction to get us started. Something outlandish to help get the word out!

We’re seeking an incredibly brave, b&lls of steal resident (or RESIDENTS) who are willing to be sponsored to jump into their dam in TWO WEEKS TIME.

Do we have any brave volunteers? 😎

Here's how it works:

Diver Volunteers

1) Let us know if you'd like to volunteer

2) Give us permission to name you on the Quarry Opposition Facebook page for marketing/ spreading the word


1) If you'd like to sponsor a diver, please comment on the event page who you're sponsoring (if any), and the amount you are pledging

2) Transfer your pledge to the below:

BSB: 112-879

Acc: 453 519 817

Where will the funds go?

All funds will be donated to the quarry opposition movement for the following activities:

> If the individual raises $300

Our brave dam diver can jump in fully clothed.

This $300 will fund a flyer mailout.

> If the individual raises $600

Our brave dam diver has to jump in in Hawaiin themed get up

This $600 will fund a second flyer mailout (or see below)

> If the individual raises $900

They have to jump in…. Nekkid

These funds can be used to order and print signage to help build awareness.

If we have already organized a flyer drop and sign board signage by this time, the funds will be allocated to third party consultant and legal fees.

If you’d like to throw yourself in to the deep end to help raise money for our community, please send us a message.

If you have any questions about this event, please reach out to us anytime.

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