Royalla Hard Rock Quarry Proposal Opposition (update #3)

Updated: Jul 5

This was the third email update distributed to our subscribers.

Opposition to the Royalla Hard Rock Quarry Proposal (update #3)

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1. Complete and submit the Community Feedback Form

R.W. Corkery & Co (an independent company managing some aspects of this proposal) have previously distributed a Community Feedback Form. We have stirred much awareness in the community and been featured in several news items locally, however we still need to follow the formal process else our efforts are wasted.

Please click here, download and complete the Community Feedback Form.

2. Community Members to submit personal impact statements.

Are you currently suffering from a physical or mental health condition that will be compounded by another quarry?

We'd love to hear from you.

As part of building awareness, we'd like to share some of these stories in an anonymous format, to help the broader region understand the impacts of a quarry.

Do you suffer from asthma? Wil your condition be severely impacted as a result of reduced air quality? What adjustments will you have to make to your way of life?

If you wish to submit a story and remain anonymous, we will absolutely respect your wishes in their entirety!


  • Our researchers are assessing historical quarry applications for reference and to build understanding around this process

  • We're due to meet with Jane Seabourne, the individual compiling the EIS, around the 12th July

  • Our application for a NSW permit to Fundraise is pending

  • You'll soon start to see some sign board signage out and about

  • A letter box drop is scheduled within the next two weeks

  • We're in communication with Tim Overall's office, more discussions scheduled

  • We're in communication with an Aboriginal Lore Keeper

  • We have over 2,825 (up from 2,400) signatures on our petition. If you haven’t already, please sign here. Please also share with your family and friends.