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(Reference to govern how we communicate) How to have your say in NSW

Main points:

- Incorporation is the way a group can have a legal identity separate from its individual members. Incorporation benefits individual members of the association by protecting them from legal liability for the actions of the incorporated association.

- It is important to be aware that some things that are said and written – even unintentionally – can result in you being sued for defamation. Defamation laws attempt to balance freedom of speech with the need to protect the reputation or privacy of individuals.

- The media can be a useful tool for informing the public about your issue and gathering support. This can include newspapers, radio, television, and the internet.

- When it comes to controlling corporate behaviour, specific corporation laws may offer more opportunities for better environmental outcomes than traditional environmental laws. This is because they directly regulate corporate behaviour.

- We have asked a variety of decision-makers from all levels of government to give us inside tips on what makes for effective engagement. We have also asked members of the community to tell us what has worked for them in the past.

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