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Radius zones from quarry

The grey circles indicate a 10km radius from existing quarries. The red circle represents a 10km radius from proposed quarry site.

Fallout area from the proposed Quarry, wind direction related of course. The 50k radius is the outer reach of airborne particulates.

What is Particulate Matter (PM)?

Generally, PM comprises two kinds of microscopic particles, mineral (silica and other minerals from rock processing), and hydrocarbon and soot from diesel exhaust of industrial equipment and trucks that are heavily utilized in the quarrying industry. PM is classified into size ranges. The PM of interest in terms of health risks are those that are very small, invisible to the naked eye, and are referred to as PM2.5 and PM10. PM2.5 comprises particles ~2.5 micrometers in size, PM10 comprises particles ~10 micrometers in size. PM2.5 and PM10 are invisible to the naked eye, and are easily carried in wind currents, can remain airborne for long periods of time, and can be carried up to 30 miles (PM10) or hundreds of miles (PM2.5) from the source.

Source: What is Particulate Matter

Source: EPA Particulate Matter Basics

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