Personal Impact Statement - from Conder, ACT Resident

I live in Conder ACT in the Lanyon Valley.

Health is wealth and for it to ever be impacted by something that is preventable is incredibly sad and just plain wrong.

We have seen with the bushfires and interstate dust storms how easily particles travel through air.

It takes only a 'small amount' of silica dust to be hazardous to health, to cause serious disabling illness or death.

So this silica dust is not stuff to be floating around, whether the health impact is sooner or down the track it's a hazardous health risk and I don't trust risk management procedures. There are enough quarries in the vicinity already to be worried about.

I'm all for job creation but not at the expense of health related consequences or environmental impacts.

This quarry proposal is putting unnecessary stress and worry on people in the place where they're supposed to feel most safe and secure, in their home, including me.

My health has completely gone down the toilet and it's why I value good health even more now and why I have such great concern and anxiety about toxins.

I have several conditions including Functional Neurological Disorder, Spondyloarthitis, Fibromyalgia, Migraine, Insomnia and Sleep Apnea. I need to keep an eye on my kidney and heart health.

Life has become much smaller for me I cannot work and home is my sanctuary. Sitting in my backyard with my dogs and looking at the sky is genuinely therapeutic for me.

Thinking about exposure to deadly silica dust is making me feel more anxious and unsafe for my family and everyone. We need the air to be as clean as it can be.

My son has asthma and gets croup he's been to hospital for it and when he catches a virus there's always a respiratory component that he struggles with.

He attends Charles Conder Primary school where sport, break times and other activities are out doors.

I'm highly anxious about what the impact of silica dust exposure could be for him, it's the last thing he needs.

It makes me want to move house from where our supports are. Moving would be difficult for me for many reasons.

Then there's the other impacts of a quarry like on the environment, fauna and flora that also worries me.

Space for flora, animals and wildlife would be destroyed and the impact from vibration and noise of machinery and the using of water and run off and the busyness and so much more, I can only imagine.

As someone with sensory issues I can say from experience it's not pleasant to be exposed to things out of your control that you cannot escape from.

Animals are sentient and sensing I feel so much for what is imposed on them and taken away from them by humans, such as what this quarry would do.

Our vulnerable, our young, our older people, people with other priorities like putting food on their table, people without access to social media or the internet or are just trying to get by, they may not have a voice about this quarry proposal.

For those unable to speak up or who don't understand the risks or don't yet care about how exposure to silica dust can be damaging to health I'd like to speak up because exposure is not something that can be taken back once it's in your body that's it.

There are so many children from several schools in the Lanyon Valley that will be impacted by silica dust as will a Nursing Home. So will the people who use the walking paths and trails and the several ovals for sports and recreation activities let alone the people who live here I don't know how many thousands there are. At my home I'm worried about eating the herbs and vegetables we grow. I don't like to wash some of them because I specifically want the elevated biotics that are available on them for my health and if the quarry goes ahead they will then be silica dusted plants. I have dogs I'm concerned for their health too and the animals and birds that I see that bring me joy. They all breath air, they all will be impacted. The thought of the quarry not far from the Googong Dam catchment is worrying. The precious water that the quarry would need to operate is water that local communities rely on which also concerns me so much, let alone the health impacts on people in these communities who must be absolutely shitting themselves about it. I'm feeling hopeless because the quarry business has loads of money to make things go their way. I'm too fatigued to write any more. I don't support the quarry.

Conder, ACT

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