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Critically endangered Grassy Woodland species area map

Below is an excerpt from a response document to be lodged with the appropriate Minister.

"The Royalla area contains significant remnants of Box-Gum Grassy Woodland .White Box-Yellow Box-Blakely's Red Gum Grassy Woodland and Derived Native Grassland is listed as a critically endangered

ecological community under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

There is less than 10% of this type of vegetation left anywhere on this planet !

This proposed quarry will destroy large areas of Box-Gum Grassy Woodlands a critically endangered ecological community, and habitat for Pink-tailed Legless Lizard -Aprasia parapulchella a critically endangered species, along with habitat for a large number of regionally listed threatened and declining species of fauna and flora.

Critically endangered

Pale Pomaderris -S Pomaderris pallida *

Small Purple Pea -Swainsona recta

Pink-tailed Legless Lizard - Aprasia parapulchella *

Vulnerable & Declining

Silky Swainson-pea -Swainsona sericea * ,Dusky Woodswallow -Cyanopterus cyanopteris *

Gang Gang -Callocephalon fibriatum * , Varied Sittella -Daphoenositta chrysoptera *

Scarlet Robin - Petroica boodang, Double –barred Finch Taeniopygia bichenovii ,

Perunga Grasshopper -Perunga ochracea , Blue Devils-Eryngium ovinum

Nodding Chocolate Lily -Dichopogon strictus, Hoary Sunray - Leucochrysum albicans var. tricolor

*Already identified by developer

The removal of mature woodland on this site will impact on other important species including Dusky Woodswallow, Scarlet Robin and Double-barred Finch. These birds rely on the diverse woodlands for survival, benefitting from the varied structure, nesting hollows and intact groundcover.

These ecological communities are some of the most threatened in Australia. I strongly call on you to withdraw this proposal. "

Resources provided by <name confidential> (Royalla Resident), Royalla Landcare Group

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