5May21 - A letter to the cross border Commissioner

Updated: May 27, 2021

This is a copy of a submission issued to the cross border Commissioner, which we are sharing with permission from the author. Please use this to help formulate your responses/submissions to the key decision makers.

I am writing to you to raise your awareness of an issue which will impact the ACT as well as the Royalla Region in southern NSW. I hope this is the appropriate vehicle in which to do so.
There is a proposal to develop a 4th quarry near Royalla and the ACT border. The negative impacts of quarrying are well documented and well understood. Some of these are impacts on health; on the water table and ground water; pollution from dust, blasting, increased traffic flows; on biodiversity; on native flora and fauna; on endangered species. air quality etc.
The ACT government and the people of the ACT need to be made aware of this proposal and its impact on their health and way of life. At the moment all activities are NSW concentrated as it is seen as a local NSW issue, albeit identified as a "Special State Project". We cannot let it slip under the radar. We hope that you can help us in this regard, or point us in the right direction. We would also like for this matter to be raised with the other states and Norther Territory as we are concerned that such developments could be proposed at any time and at any place. Can you help us here e.g contact the speakers of the house?
We are very very concerned about this proposal. The effects of a quarry could be felt for up to 80 years. Hopefully you can help. Thank you.

Submitted by <name confidential> (Royalla Resident)

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