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4MAY2021 - Response from Tim Overall (Mayor Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council)

Thank you for your email and I have received quite a lot of similar emails and letters which is a good thing. As you may know, I attended the Community Consultation information session on Saturday morning 17TH April.
As you correctly identify, the proposed development is classified as a State Significant Development in accord with State Government planning policy. Accordingly, the NSW Government is the assessing and determining authority.
The proposed development is clearly in stark conflict with Council’s adopted Local Environment Plan E2 (Environmental Conservation) Zone Objectives and permissibility. I have noted your views re the likely impacts on the adjoining rural-residential E4 (Environmental Living) Zone areas should the project be approved by the State Government and proceed.
Council will certainly be giving consideration to all community views, concerns and objections when it gives consideration to the Environmental Impact Statement and attached reports. Once released by the State Government as part of the formal consultation process, Council will likely hold a workshop involving councillors and staff which will be followed by a formal report to a Meeting of Council whereupon Council will adopt a position and make a formal submission accordingly. Council’s submission will likely recommend certain conditions of consent to be included, in the event the State Govt Independent Planning Commission determines to approve/recommend approval.
As mentioned, I have received many representation emails/letters and expect to receive many more. I will be retaining copies and forwarding all to our Planning team for their and Councillors awareness and consideration.
I will be discussing the matter with the Member for Monaro and Deputy Premier in the near future and also formally advising of Council’s position once adopted at a Meeting of Council.
Kind regards and thank you again for alerting me to your strong and valid views.
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