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4MAY2021 - Response from Kristy McBain

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Thank you for your email regarding the proposed rock quarry at Royalla. You aren’t the only one to raise questions. At my recent mobile office visit to Googong, a number of residents raised concerns about dust, noise, truck movements and water supply. Given the project is in its early stages, your interest and advocacy is well timed and I encourage you to engage with the developers and any community consultation they facilitate. You can make contact with the developers via Nick Warren, Principal Environmental Consultant – or John Patterson, Group Operations Manager – I will be receiving a briefing on the project from the developers in the coming weeks and will continue to take an interest. Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council has also provided me with an overview of the process from here and reassured me there will be further opportunities for the community to be heard. The scale of the proposal means that it will be dealt with as State Significant Development. This means that if a development application is lodged it will be assessed and determined at State Government level, co-ordinated by the Department of Planning, Industry and the Environment. As such Council will not be carrying out community notification, assessment or determining the application. That responsibility rests with the NSW Department of Planning. The process from concept, to plans, to DA, to assessment and any approvals is likely to take many months. The first step in this process is for the applicant to lodge a request for the Environmental Assessment Requirements. Effectively the Assessment Requirements tell the applicant what they should include in their Environmental Impact Assessment which is a critical document informing the assessment of the application. Council will be invited to have input into what environmental matters it considers should be included. Typically Council would want to ensure issues such as traffic and road impacts, acoustic impacts, dust generation, biodiversity impacts, heritage impacts, impacts on waterways, social impacts, pollution control measures and the like are addressed. Once all the documentation is prepared, the application is lodged as a State Significant Development with the Department of Planning. The application will then be placed on public exhibition. When this occurs the community and stakeholders can formally provide comments on the proposal. Comments from the community and stakeholders are considered by the Department during the assessment process. Once the assessment has been completed it is then determined by the Department or the State appointed Independent Planning Commission. A more detailed overview of the process can be found at Thanks for playing an active role in our community,

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