18MAY2021 - ‘Unnecessary and dangerous’: residents say quarries impact communities beyond Royalla

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Royalla residents are up in arms about the proposed quarry. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

Royalla residents say the region’s fourth proposed quarry is not only unnecessary but also poses a health and environmental risk to anyone living within a 17 km radius.

Caroline Bradly, who lives in Royalla not far from the Williamsdale Quarry, knows first-hand the impact dust from a quarry can have on an individual’s health.

She was not diagnosed with asthma until she moved to her current location.

“I have had a number of health scares, and I do live in constant fear that this could develop into something more serious,” she said.

According to the Royalla Quarry Opposition‘s estimates, there are 18 schools within 17 km of the proposed site, and Tuggeranong suburbs like Calwell and Theodore are less than 2 km away.

“We want the community to understand that it’s not just people living in Royalla who are going to be affected, there’s actually a much broader reach,” Ms Bradly said.

Those who live closest will see, hear and feel the impacts of the quarry, she says, including the vibrations and noise from blasting.

Proposed routes for trucks are also of concern.

“Either we are putting extra trucks on Old Cooma Road, where children wait for school buses, which is already a road in poor condition, or onto the Monaro Highway, which is already under stress.

“The other option is these trucks travel along quiet cul-de-sacs in residential areas like Royalla and Googong,” she said.

However, what’s more of concern for Ms Bradly and others in the area is the dust which can contain silica.

Silica, she explained, has been likened to the new asbestos as it can cause respiratory issues.

“It can stay in the air for up to 12 days and travel up to 16 km – p