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14MAY2021 - Letter to Yvette Berry

Updated: May 27, 2021

This is a copy of a submission issued to Yvette Berry, which we are sharing with permission from the author. Please use this to help formulate your responses/submissions to the key decision makers.

Potential health risk to some ACT school students

Hello Yvette.
I am writing to inform you that there is a plan to develop another quarry at Royalla NSW, very close to the ACT border. If it goes ahead, the negative effects of the quarry will be felt by schools in the nearby area. I believe that there is in the order of 12 or more schools which would be impacted, including some in NSW.
The negative health impacts from quarrying include:
. the development of cancers, especially lung cancer
. respiratory problems
. reduced lung functions and airways restrictions
. nasal infections
. coughs and asthma
. eye allergies, soreness and dryness
. and others.
I am writing to you in the hope that you can have the impacts of quarrying looked into from the viewpoint of the health and safety of ACT students, and that a view be formed and communicated to the NSW Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Environment which will make any decision on whether the quarry will go ahead.
I am a former born and bred Canberran now living in Royalla. I dont believe that we need a 4th quarry here or nearby, especially when peoples' health is at risk.
Thank you.
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