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Separating quarry facts from fiction

How many quarries are there in this area?

There are three quarries within close proximity of Royalla, and this proposal outlines a fourth right on the doorstep of homes.


How close will the quarry be to my home and my children's school?

There are homes with 2km of the proposed quarry location. 

There are schools within 3kms.

This may not seem like much, but silica dust can travel 5 times this distance.

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Does Canberra and surrounds need another quarry?

It has been communicated to us that none of the quarries in surrounding regions are operating at full capacity, and they have material deposits to last another 70 years.

Image by Ivan Bandura

Do quarries produce silica dust?

Yes! Silica dust is present in all types of rock and will become airborne as a result of blasting.

Silica dust is the leading cause of Silicosis: lung disease.

Image by CDC

How many extra trucks will there be?

By estimates, there could be an extra 200 trucks on the road PER DAY using our community roads.

prox to homes and schools (1).png

How will the companies reduce the dust particles they send in to the air by blasting?

The most common method is simply using water to spray. 
It is expected the companies will be boring in to the same water table as homes in Royalla, contributing to depleting water levels.

Image by Ivan Bandura

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The environmental impacts of this quarry may be irreversible. 



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