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Image by Levi Meir Clancy

Trucks & Blasting

By proposal estimates, there'll be an extra 100 trucks on narrow residential roads.

Traffic, noise, vibrations

The amenity of an area has important social and psychological implications - it impacts on the "pleasantness" and liveability of a place, including appearance, character, noise, traffic, vibrations, dust and pollution. Should this quarry be approved, there is for up to 200 trucks per day travelling to and from the quarry.


It is currently unknown what hours the crusher will operate, and how often blasting occurs. 

These companies are forcing our community to diminish our standard of living, imposing on our health and destroying our natural bushland in favour of a noxious industrial site.

Image by Daniel Prado


Road Safety

There are no overtaking lines or bays for school buses to safely pick up and drop off children on the haulage route.


Noise concerns

For both people and animals. 

There are a significant number of horse riders in close proximity who don't want the risk of being thrown from a horse due to an unexpected blast.


Air Quality

There are several residents in close proximity to the proposed site with health conditions that will be severely exacerbated by lowered air quality should this quarry go ahead. 

Silica is present in all rock deposits. 

Monaro Mix have yet to provide further information on their assurance to provide the community with the silica content in the material. 

Prolonged exposure to silica dust can cause silicosis and other lung cancers.

The increased dust in the air, regardless of silica content also contributes to and exacerbates existing conditions like asthma and bronchitis.


Heightened Anxiety

The residents in the immediate area are not fond of the idea of their property prices reducing due to this quarry proposal. Will they be compensated for the losses by the companies proposing this quarry?



Write to the Ministers to express your opposition.

Environmental Impacts

The environmental impacts of this quarry may be irreversible. 



Learn about the health ramifications of quarries.

Donate to 

the cause

We need your financial assistance to stop this quarry

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